Square Grid Scratch-Offs

Our unique Square Grid Scratch-offs are pre-loaded with randomized numbers then concealed with a high quality scratch-off material. We currently have two versions available. The first is the 9" x 11.5" 100 Square Grid that you have probably seen used for the Super Bowl. The second is our 3" x 6" 10 Line Scratch Cards, which allow for a quick, easy pool for 10 participants or less. To help track popularity and enhance future product development we have broken the site up into different categories, including Football, Basketball and Baseball. The grids are all the same and can be used for any sporting event. Although we are the same company, due to the size of the products and ease of processing, the Scratch-Off Squares and the Large 24" x 32" Square Grids on PrintYourBrackets.com are shipped in different packages and will load into two different shopping carts, requiring separate payments.

100 Square Scratch off

Our unique 100 Square Grid Scratch-Off Sheets are available in a variety of quantites and can be used for any sporting event. No "out of the hat" drawing is needed. Once all 100 squares are full simply scratch off the covering to reveal the numbers that will be used to represent each team's score.

10 Line Scratch Cards

The 10 Line Scratch Cards are perfect for a quick and easy pool with 10 participants or less. Fill the 10 Lines with participant's names and remove the scratch off material to reveal the numbers 0-9. These cards can be used for Football, Basketball, Baseball, Hockey and even UFC, Nascar, Golf and Boxing.

Large Football Squares

Impress your guests with this 24" x 32" high resolution Square Grid Office Pool. This grid is perfect for your Super Bowl Bash or to use at your weekly football party! These are available in 100, 50, and 25 square versions.